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22 January 2011 @ 02:38 am
Jumping on the Sho birthday bandwagon! As this magazine is 10 years old (!), there is inevitable wear and tear. Try to look beyond the imperfections of a "classic" if you will. Hope you'll enjoy chibi chipmunk + young Mabo + brooding Arashi~

In 2001, Sho teamed up with Matsu-nii in drama Heaven Cannot Wait aka Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Otoko 2. Dont you just heart cross group projects? XD

What do you think of the comic book style poster?

5 Guys. Arashi. 'Nuff said.

Boys, be very ambitious!

Didnt preview everything as there are 25 pages in all. Phew!
Scanned at 400dpi.

File size 81.2MB

password happybdaychesuto!

Psst! There are 2 pages of Musical Academy! Does anyone want some MA rabu? (As Juniors, Yama pair were part of this unit on separate occasions <-- Edit: Will do MA later, please check back. However do not ask for other scans, coz this is not a request post.

Rules - please read

1. Do not repost scans and/or repost links or claim as your own. Please link back here if you wish to spread the love.
2. Please accord credit for scans used for icons, wallies, banners, graphics etc.
3. Comments would be very much appreciated if taking. ^_^
4. [Not a rule] ...but I am going to miss them appearing in idol mags. ;;__;;
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