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17 January 2010 @ 03:16 am
A day to remember the experiences...Maybe(?) will write a proper report when I gather my thoughts and the biting cold goes away...

The morning

Day started not so well as I was running late...was to have met friends at 7am to hit the con goods stand but only managed to show my face before 7.30am...and I wasnt too interested in breakfast (or maybe was due to tension!) - As a result, left on an empty stomach... >___<'

first J winter ~ the unforgettable cold...Collapse )


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10 December 2009 @ 01:56 am
Do you think society puts too much pressure on people to be in relationships and/or have children? Do you think this ostracizes people who would be perfectly content to remain single and/or child-free? Is this pressure worse around the holidays?

I am single. I am happy. There, I've said it. Society's pressure to force us singles to conform to their ideal norm is just too oppressive and unreasonable! Why cant they get that not everyone wishes to settle down and have families? My cousins were married and divorced a few years later. The mantra "you should get married" that the elders throw about shouldnt be the be all and end all in this day and age.

Even if I were to get married in future, I dont think I'll have any kids. Maybe they can complete some other people's lives but I can jolly well live without them, thank you very much. Am I a cynic? Probably.
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07 November 2009 @ 09:41 pm
Was surfing the net and reading stuff but didnt expect to come upon Arashi's name being mentioned in the most unexpected of places!! -- in the venerable The Times Online...Times being one of the oldest newspapers in the UK.

Demo, its not very flattering since they talked about the new "herbivorous" males in Japan.

The rise of Japan’s 'girlie man' generation

(a very interesting read!) ^^;


"In every Japanese convenience store are special sections devoted to men’s cosmetics, eyebrow shapers, packets of disposable wipes for dealing with sweat and body odor, skin whitener. The herbivores may not buy beer and cars but they spend on keeping themselves odourless, hairless and pale. Their clothes come from cheap, fashionable chains such as Uniqlo. This week, Shinya Yamaguchi, 23, a fashion designer, launches his latest collection of skirts and lacy tops — all aimed at men. Many of Japan’s younger male celebrities, bands such as Arashi and actors like Eita, Teppei Koike and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, project an effeminate, herbivorous look."

-- hey they forgot to mention Okada Masaki, Tamaki Hiroshi and Miura Haruma! What an oversight!

And I beg to differ on "cheap clothes" coz our boys' clothes may look cheap but they definitely arent!

Mm I've known about the girlie-man and the androgynous look phenomenon for awhile now but skirts and lacy tops are going abit far isnt it...and I hope our boys have better fashion sense than to go down that route!!









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25 October 2009 @ 03:36 pm
Posted this on some other comms but in case you missed it~

The latest TV Guide issue 2009.10.30 published the news (and of course Fuji TV as well) that KinKi Kids will be guests next Monday on Bistro SMAP!!! My tension is so high because they will be the FIRST Johnnys on the show!!

In Sep 07, Toma took part in SmaSma's game segment with Shun (you can find online clips by googling) for their Hana Kimi promo so KinKi Kids will truly be the first Bistro Johnnys!!!

Of course my dream would be for Arashi to appear as well but I know that wont happen anytime soon, with SMAP's manager and Johnny's niece Julie not seeing eye to eye haiz...

Cant wait for some epic senpai x kouhai rabu rabu! <333

On the menu:
1) Koichi and Tsuyoshi both requested for fish dishes.
2) Tsuyoshi will reveal why he doesnt eat meat anymore.

More news here

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13 October 2009 @ 03:16 am

Surprised does not begin to describe how I felt when I spied Arashi on friend's copy of our local entertainent mag i-weekly. Since I am not in Japan, they obviously dont know the JE protocol huh? Johnny-san would have a fit if he were to see his bands being sidelined by K/T bands...

More pics and a simple translation on my LJ.
Please note I have included Arashi / JE bits only.
Do yourself a favor if you'd like to read the complete article.
Buy the mag at a mere fraction of the prices of those Japanese mags we love so much!


More pics + translationsCollapse )

 Note: brackets refer to my comments.


1. Not a sharp knife in the pack (referring to jack of all More pics and trans ^^Collapse )A boy band's popularity can only last as long as its members' good looks. Hence, to stay evergreen, it would help if they were More pics and trans ^^Collapse )While its good to possess a skill, knowing it all is the way to go!

To this effect, look no further than Johnny's Entertainment -
the artistes under its management can swim, dance, act, host, More pics and trans ^^Collapse )taking up comedic roles. Even doing cartwheels do not faze these More pics and trans ^^Collapse )So much so that "wan ren mi" (lierally one who conquers tens of thousands of fans) Kimura Takuya disguises himself as someone ugly on his program SMAPxSMAP to take on slapstick roles. Instead of being More pics and trans ^^Collapse )Of course, a boy band member's road to stardom is often via More pics and trans ^^Collapse )Let's take SS501 which made their debut in 2005. Due to its leader Kim Hyun Joong's role in Boys Over Flowers, its members have also become increasingly more popular with more roles being More pics and trans ^^Collapse )Examples are Arashi's Matsumoto Jun, Fahrenheit's Wu Zun, and TOKIO's Nagase Tomoya etc. This doesnt mean that the others are More pics and trans ^^Collapse )option if you've got a gift of the gab. An example would be 5566's Xu Mengzhe, Wan Renpu and K-One's JR who have carved out a name for themselves in hosting, as compared to their singing More pics and trans ^^Collapse )2. Will do a summary here. It talks about how Johnny's is the leader as a production line for boy bands and creating idols in its domination of the Japanese entertainment in the past 30 plus More pics and trans ^^Collapse )Groups: Shounentai, Hikaru GENJI, to the present day SMAP, Tokio, More pics and trans ^^Collapse )More pics and trans ^^Collapse )


At any one time 30% of JE's talent are involed in variety shows, as well as CMs, and 1 in 3 drama every season would indubitably More pics and trans ^^Collapse )More pics and trans ^^Collapse )SM Entertainment and JYP are deemed to be their equivalent in South Korea. SM, which stands for Star Musuem, has rolled out such acts as BoA, Super Junior, DBSK (THSK), Shinhwa etc. Whilst More pics and trans ^^Collapse )Their setups are similar to JE in that they groom their talent from avery tender age. [am skipping the rest due to time More pics and trans ^^Collapse )3. Hairstyles not flowing enough? Sorry Sorry!

Summary: Hairstyles are what maketh the idols! If they have a
good hairstyle, its half the battle won. Better if they are More pics and trans ^^Collapse )In the '90s, Kimura's center-parted shoulder length locks were considered all the rage, followed by the golden locks (the blond More pics and trans ^^Collapse )Arashi's MatsuJun and KinKi Kid's Domoto Tsuyoshi are singled out for their everchanging styles to maintain a fresh look in the More pics and trans ^^Collapse )


More pics and trans ^^Collapse )

 Hope you have enjoyed reading.   

More pics and trans ^^Collapse )


More pics and trans ^^Collapse )</div>



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15 September 2009 @ 12:00 am
September 15 ~ Arashi is officially 10 years old kyaa kyaa kyaa!!! *pops the champagne now* \(^_^)/

This year, its even more special as they step into their 11th year, and yet always remembering us fans who have been with them. Not all of us can claim to be long time fans but I count myself lucky to witness the boys popularity growing from strength to strength.

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An epic experience deserves an epic report, here's mine including the Kokuritsu Kasumigaoka Concert on Day 1, 2009.08.28. Please bear with me if you will.


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30 August 2009 @ 12:45 am
2 articles featuring 5x10 on Aug 28 from today's Japanese papers, Sponichi and Sports Hochi. 

Pics behind the cutCollapse )

By that, I mean the con was big in every way!!!

We went there after visiting Johnny's shop at 10.30 as it was too crowded and we only managed the get the number for 10.30 entry...

The crowd was so damn bad that it was like a weekend and not Friday morning at all...when we spotted someone with con goods queueing in front of us, our hearts went doki doki!!! There was the Eco bag, posters and T-shirt...

Went lunch at Douter deli which was beside the Playhouse. Simple fare of shrimp sandwich and iced tea as my tummy was too full of butterflies to stomach more than that!!!

link contains some spoilers ^^Collapse )
Pls do not repost pics. Thanks
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10 August 2009 @ 12:12 am
Here's today's program.
Note: Demo gomen ne, the 5x10 part is badly mangled (from source).

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