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03 September 2010 @ 01:42 am
"Geinokai wa kibishii..." [The entertainment industry is harsh...]

Wise words that resounded in Kokuritsu Stadium on Aug 22 and reinforced by Nino when he missed his lines in Sora Takaku!!

Came on subway line and entered via Aoyama gate at 4.15pm. Got up close and personal with this:
PS. It changes to members colors at night.

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At the request of my f-list, I am sharing some live performances from the concert recorded and converted by me.
Due to the horrid sound system in Kokuritsu that day (I still wonder WTH the sound technicians were up to!) , some of the recordings were really not ideal but I've tried my best to reduce the noise and converted all files at 320kbps.

Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsu-kun - solo by Kaibutsu Taro



Sora Takaku - Nino forgot his lines as he was preoccupied trying to catch a balloon that flew his way. Cute Aibachan tried to cover for Nino with his "sugokunai?!" (great right?!) which had everyone erupting in laughter! 

To Be Free - very bad hissing, already cut down a fair bit...

Love Rainbow - has some dame singalong from yours truly...honto gomen. : P

MC1 including Yukai Tsukai Live  - Missed opening MC about 1 min? Nino was surprised to  hear that T.A.B.O.O was played in an airport restaurant, Ohno talked about going fishing with Shige (NEWS), Sakumoto moment when Sho-chan brought up NatsuNiji, and Kaibutsu-kun makes his cute entrance to the delight of the fans!! [you are hereby forewarned there are some major fangirling screams here]

MC2 - Aibachan played the Johnnys Arashi Super Intro game with minna. (they did the Johnnys version on Shiyagare with their TOKIO senpais on 10/08/21) 

Comments are loved!

I am still trying to cut and upload the 2 massive MC parts! (but they are very cute so come back later if you wish) Edit:  All done!

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An epic experience deserves an epic report, here's mine including the Kokuritsu Kasumigaoka Concert on Day 1, 2009.08.28. Please bear with me if you will.


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By that, I mean the con was big in every way!!!

We went there after visiting Johnny's shop at 10.30 as it was too crowded and we only managed the get the number for 10.30 entry...

The crowd was so damn bad that it was like a weekend and not Friday morning at all...when we spotted someone with con goods queueing in front of us, our hearts went doki doki!!! There was the Eco bag, posters and T-shirt...

Went lunch at Douter deli which was beside the Playhouse. Simple fare of shrimp sandwich and iced tea as my tummy was too full of butterflies to stomach more than that!!!

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Pls do not repost pics. Thanks
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